Dying Maldives Maldives Islands

What happens if you die in Maldives Maldives Islands?

Do your friend need to call the Embassy?
How do they report you, is there a local representative?

1. Doctor or coroner in order to obtain a death certificate.

2. Donation of body parts.

4. Notify family and friends.

5. Funeral home concerning burial or cremation arrangements.

6. Social Security Administration

7. Estate planning documents
Wills and Trusts

8 Safe Deposit Agreements and keys

9. Nuptial Agreements

10. Life Insurance Policies

11. Pension-retirement benefits

12. Old tax returns

13. Marriage, birth and death certificates

14. Divorce documentation

15. Computer records

16. Bank statements, checkbooks, similar documents;

17. Titles to motor vehicles;

18. Leases

19. Securities and list of securities;

20. Health Insurance

21. Unpaid bills.

22. Probate

23. Make an inventory of household goods

24. Retirement Plans

25. Real Estate

Maldives Maldives Islands

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