Bookstores Maldives Maldives Islands

Where do they sell English book in Maldives Maldives Islands?
Secondhand English Bookstore?

How much per book, is it possible to trade. What other language are available to purchase in Maldives Maldives Islands.

1. Trades
2. Two for one trades?
3. Buying a book at one-third the retail price.
4. Selling PDF files.
5. Buying DVD Movies or Torrent Downloads.
6. Library rentals

1. English
2. Spanish
3. German
4. French

It is possible to have books mailed by to Maldives Maldives Islands?

Which overnight delivery services send books to Maldives Maldives Islands?
DHL, FedEx, UPS?

Which Hotels in Maldives Maldives Islands have book exchanges?

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